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ArtGives.Org builds community partnerships to support arts education.

ArtGives.Org connects Community Partners (independent media professionals, voluneers, contractors, and sponsors) with Arts Education Partners (schools and non-profit arts organizations) to help document and support their artistic events and programs.

For almost 10 years we have received marketing and media support from Say It With Photos™ to provide the research and strategies to bring more exposure and support to the arts education community.

11/01/12 - Update:

Through the dedicated support of our Community Partners, we are proud to announce that we are currently beta testing a new community and fundraising platform developed by Say It With Photos to better serve our Arts Education Partners.

In 2013 as part of a collaborative community effort, we will launch this new partnership project - SupportArtsEducation.Com - to help provide businesses with an easy affordable way to show their support for the arts education community while gaining market exposure through a unique online directory.

Details on this will follow as soon as the information is available from Say It With Photos.

In addtion to SupportArtsEducation.Com, the platform was built to include a local marketing directory that conects and supports the arts, business, and community.

While this model is currently in its Beta phase BoerneSpotlights.Com is being launched as a premiere communtiy web property that showcases the city of Boerne, TX. This is done with social media videos connected to a local business directory that features the arts, business and community all while benefiting the arts education community.

A portion of the proceeds from this platform will be donated to benefit ArtGives.Org and our Local Arts Education Partners.

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